APD Series: Silicon PIN Diodes, Packaged and Bondable Chips

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Manufacturer Skyworks


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Skyworks APD series of silicon PIN diodes are designed for use as switch and attenuator devices in high-performance RF and microwave circuits. The PIN diode designs are useful over a wide range of frequencies from below 100 MHz to beyond 30 GHz. These devices use Skyworks well-established silicon technology resulting in PIN diodes with tightly controlled I-region characteristics.

The thick I-region APD2220-000 is designed for low-distortion attenuator applications.

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    • Established Skyworks PIN diode process
    • Low capacitance designs to 0.05 pF
    • Voltage ratings to 200 V
    • Chip size < 15 mils square
    • Tight control of I layer base width
    • Mesa and planar chip designs

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