Raman Spectrometer, High Sensitivity, Ventana Serie

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Manufacturer Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics

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Ventana spectrometer series from Ocean Optics are high-performance spectrometers providing exceptional throughput and sensitivity in a small footprint. Designed to minimize light loss and maximize throughput, Ventana spectrometer provide exceptionally high sensitivity. This high sensitivity enables low excitation power for Raman and fluorescence measurements and short integration times for fast measurements. With its smart, modular design and compact footprint, Ventana spectrometers are a cost-effective alternative to integrated benchtop systems with no compromise in performance.

Ventana 785 High Sensitivity Raman Spectrometer
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  • Benchtop models for 532 nm or 785 nm Raman available as separate units; available in a version with integrated 785 nm laser; and available as part of a system comprising discrete laser, probe sample holder and other components
  • Ventana-VIS-NIR (430-1100 nm) - preset for low light level VIS-NIR applications

Ventana Spectrometers Ventana 785-Raman Ventana 785L-Raman Ventana 532-Raman Ventana VIS-NIR
Spectral range 800 - 940 nm 800 - 940 nm 533 - 690 nm 430 - 1100 nm
Raman Shift Range 250 - 2000 cm-1 250 - 2000 cm-1 35 - 4300 cm-1  
Dynamic Range 17000:1 17000:1 17000:1 17000:1
Resolution(FWHM) 10 cm-1 @ 810 nm 10 cm-1@ 810 nm 20 cm-1 4nm
Fiber optic connector Optimized for 600µm, NA = 0.39; SMA 905