Raman Spectrometer, 785nm, APEX-785

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Manufacturer Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics

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Apex 785 is the first in our series of Elite-brand spectrometer optimised for 785 nm Raman measurements and delivers remarkable performance without the typical trade-offs associated with throughput, sensitivity and resolution. Elite products deliver superior performance in a compact and customizable format.

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    • Wavelength range: 780-1120 nm
    • Raman shift range: >3800 cm-1
    • Resolution (FWHM): < 10 cm-1
    • Typical dynamic range: 15000:1
    • Optimum input fiber: 200 µm
    • NA = 0.22


    • High throughput virtual slit for shorter integration times, faster measurements
    • High resolution and high sensitivity eliminates typical performance trade-offs
    • Flexible use with a variety of lasers and accessories

    Apex Raman spectrometers are used in a wide variety of applications in research, industry and as OEM sub-systems:
  • Life Sciences: Clinical diagnostics, tissue sampling, photosensitive biological samples
  • Pharmaceutical: R&D, QA/QC for raw ingredients and finished product
  • Material Science: Sample classification, plastic and polymer characterization
  • Counterfeit Detection: Currency, art, archaeology
  • Security: Explosives detection, illegal drug detection
  • Electronics: Semiconductor, allow composition
  • Alternative Energy: Biofuel process monitoring and characterization
  • Forensics: Detection of illegal substances, identification of chemicals, fibers, hairs, inks
  • Nanotechnology: Characterization of carbon based compounds such as fullerenes and nanotubes