Raman Microscope, High Sensivity, IDRaman micro

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IDRaman micro

Manufacturer Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics

Description :

The IDRaman micro from Ocean Optics is a Raman microscope optimized for high-sensitivity measurements. With its OneFocus feature, the IDRaman micro collects Raman spectral data from the same focal plane as the image. High quality images are collected with the 3-megapixel imager using epi-illumination.

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    • Laser wavelengths: 785 & 532 nm
    • Laser power: 85 nm: 100 mW (80 mW at Sample) / 532 nm: 50 mW (40 mW at Sample)
    • Detector: 2048 element backthinned array, NIR enhanced, TEC cooling to -10° C
    • Objectives and spot size:
    • 40X objective: >2 micron spot size [Standard]
    • 100X objective: >1 micron spot size [Optional]
    • Imager: 3 Megapixel; epi-illumination


    • OneFocus places the Raman signal collection on the exact image plane. OneFocus allows the highest quality Raman data to be acquired with the confidence of an accurate focus and images.
    • A complete Raman solution, this powerful, compact instrument was built for Raman microscopy and includes sampling for cuvettes and vials.