Spectrometer, Small Footprint, for Process and OEM

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Manufacturer Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics

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EMBED is a small-footprint spectrometer that is ideal for industrial process control and OEM optical measurement systems. Designed around a next-generation optical bench, EMBED provides excellent thermal stability and measurement reliability. EMBED is packaged with a minimal set of essential electronics that reduces the total footprint and simplifies integration.

EMBED's onboard electronics provide fundamental spectral preprocessing and multi-channel capability, as well as native SPI communication support that establishes a direct, stable and fast interface with microcontrollers and industrial control systems. Like all Ocean Optics spectrometers, EMBED's design allows for extensive optical component customization to support a wide variety of applications, while maintaining excellent quality in high volume production.

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  • OEM and process-ready communications protocols
  • Superior measurement stability
  • High performance optical bench anchored by 2048-element CCD-array detector
  • Wavelength range options from 200-1100 nm
  • Compact footprint with minimal electronics
  • Benefits

  • The standard EMBED configuration has selectable optical bench components
  • Including entrance apertures, gratings, order sorting filters and more
  • That make it possible to support low-light and high-throughput measurements
  • Its design provides the EMBED exceptional thermal and environmental stability
  • Attractive features for process and other applications where temperature and environmental factors can affect measurements
  • EMBED design supports multichannel functionality, which enables users to make simultaneous or timed-gated measurements from multiple EMBED spectrometers within a single system
  • This is essential to applications such as reference monitoring, dissolution testing, multiple point sampling and process end-point detection.
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Spectrometer Type Compact OEM  

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Technology/Application Czerny-Turner  
Spectral Range 190nm-1100nm  
Resolution ~0.3 nm FWHM