Spectrofluorometer, Preconfigured, USB4000-FL-395

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Manufacturer Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics

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The model USB4000-FL-395 spectrofluorometer offer a direct-attach 395 nm LED for excitation. The LED connects to the spectrometer via a 10-pin connector. The spectrometer powers and controls (through software) the LED. The direct-attach LED option provides you with a convenient, small-footprint package for your single-wavelength excitation needs. The USB4000-FL-395 comes with an LS-395 LED Module. This spectrofluorometer can be used for general fluorescence measurements. The USB4000-FL spectrofluorometer cover the 360-1100 nm wavelength range. They feature a 200 µm entrance aperture and an L4 Detector Collection Lens to increase light-collection efficiency and reduce stray light.

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  • The direct-attach USB-LS-395 produces either pulsed or continuous output centered at 395 nm.
  • USB-LS-395 wavelength range is 380-410 nm.
  • The LED modules connect to the USB4000-FL Spectrometer via a 10-pin connector on the front of the spectrometer. The spectrometer provides power to the LED and also enables synchronization functions and I2C communications.
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Spectral Range 190nm-1100nm