Photomultiplier Tube, Single channel

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PMT Detector

Manufacturer Horiba Scientific

Horiba Scientific

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HORIBA Jobin Yvon offer two types of single channel detectors for use with scanning spectrometers. PMT detectors typically offer much higher sensitivity than solid state detectors and operate effectively in the UV/VIS and NIR. However, typically their spectral coverage is limited to about 950 nm. PMT detectors also require high voltage power supplies. The PMT detectors offered by HORIBA Scientific are high quality PMTs in ambient or water cooled housings and head-on or side-on configurations.

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  • PMT Type, Cooling & Housing: R928 multi-alkali PMT Ambient cooled Side window housing for 1911 model
  • PMT Type, Cooling & Housing: R928 multi-alkali PMT Water / TE cooled Side window housing for 1914 model
  • Spectral Range: 190-860nm
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Spectral Range 190nm-1100nm  

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Detector type PMT-Photomultiplier