F-Theta Scan Lens, ZnSe, CO2 Laser , 10.6µm and 9.4µm

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Manufacturer Wavelength Technology

Wavelength Opto-Electronic

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F Theta Scanning Lens are commonly used in conjunction with galvanometer scanning mirrors in laser engraving, cutting, and marking systems. ZnSe transmit both 10.6um and visible.

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  • Focal Length: 50mm to 2128mm
  • Material: Z- ZnSe ( transmit both 10.6um and visible )
  • Recommended X-Y Mirror separation.
  • Diffraction Limited Spot Size.
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Type F-theta lenses  

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Spectral Range MIR (3µm-30µm)  
Damage Threshold/Absorption Standard damage threshold-Absorption