10mm aperture Scanhead, Digital position detector

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Manufacturer UK_Z20 SMARTMOVE_SI

Smart Move

Description :

The SH10E is a 2D Scanhead that offers the highest performance in terms of accuracy, drift, and speed coupled with very low noise. Using a brand new encoder technology the scanhead features that, until it's release have not been available in the industry. Due to the unique design of the encoder the SH10E has re-defined traditional scan-head trade-offs as the new encoder design no longer sacrifies speed and noise performance.

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Technical Data :

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  • Unique, 21-bit Encoder Technology
  • Ultra low thermal drift
  • 1µRad RMS noise
  • Resolution independent of aperture size
  • Direct mirror control
  • Zero tracking error Auto-tuning
  • Industry standard XY₂-100 digital input
  • Future-proof (24-bit ready)
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Type 2D Heads  

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Aperture (mm) 10  
Position Detectors Encoder / Digital