Wavefront Sensor with Auto-Collimator and Focusing Module

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Manufacturer Imagine Optic

Imagine Optic

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Turnkey solutions for demanding wavefront metrology and adaptive optics applications. HASO R-Flex unites Imagine Optic's patented HASO Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors with an auto-collimator and a focusing module to provide users with a versatile and turnkey solution for precision characterization of optical systems and surfaces. It's standard accuracy of λ/100, λ/200 in double pass configurations, and insensitivity to vibrations or atmospheric turbulence enable users to perform measurements that meet the most stringent requirements for reliable, repeatable results. HASO R-Flex is delivered with HASOv3 wavefront sensor measurement and analysis software that displays aberrations in real-time so that users can immediately see the effects of various positioning or alignment adjustments.

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  • Large concave mirrors
  • Lenses on-axis
  • Lenses in the field/off-axis
  • Complex optical systems
  • Beam expanders
  • External sources
  • Benefits

  • Analyze the transmitted wavefront of optical systems
  • Perform precision characterization of optical surfaces
  • Increase the N/A for direct wavefront measurement