Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor HASO4 FIRST

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Manufacturer Imagine Optic

Imagine Optic

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HASO™4 FIRST is the ideal choice for results driven professionals in domains including adaptive optics, optical process optimization, laser beam characterization, and many others. Thanks to our patented technology, the HASO family by Imagine Optic are world’s only sensors with no bias error, keeping its phase accuracy on any measured intensity profile (Gaussian, Top-Hat, hyper Gaussian, etc.).

HASO4 FIRST is delivered with WaveView, our industry leading wavefront metrology software. With just a few clicks, you can perform wavefront measurement, wavefront reconstruction as well as visualize the spot image and raw camera data.

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  • Beam collimation with an accuracy better than 200 m radius of curvature
  • A 20 mm focal length measurement with a sensitivity of 1µm rms
  • Direct wavefront acquisition of converging and diverging F/5 beams with an accuracy of λ/100 including astigmatism and high order aberrations
  • Control and adjustment of axial laser beam deviation better than 5µrad rms
  • 3D localization of a focal spot up to 0.1µm rms and 1µm rms for lateral and axial resolution respectively (0.1 NA beam)
  • Benefits

  • λ/100 absolute accuracy on a huge dynamic range
  • Patented wavefront correction algorithms for intensity beam variations (laser, Gaussian, hyper Gaussian, apodized beams…)
  • Measurement up to 64 Zernike polynomials with individual accuracy better than 2nm rms
  • HASO4 First is available on the 400-1100 nm spectral bandwidth
  • Imagine Optic offers custom calibrations for one (included) or two (option) specific wavelengths to be chosen by the customer

Wavefront sensor HASO4 FIRST

Number of microlenses
Accuracy in aboslute mode
Spectral range
Acquisition frequency (Hz)
Full resolution
32 x 40
100 Hz
USB 3.0
High speed
16 x 20
165 Hz