RF and frequency

Every IoT and wireless solution requires a form of frequency control. With more than three decades of experience supporting RF design engineers on some of the most innovative radio designs in Europe, our unique frequency solutions portfolio is provided with the latest technical expertise. Together, you have access to frequency control products from some of the world's leading manufacturers with direct technical support from our experts.

Our RF product portfolio covers frequencies from just 100MHz up to 30GHz, and includes amplifiers, attenuators and baluns, diodes (including pin, Schottky, limiter, detector and varactor), couplers and dividers, filters, front-end modules, mixers, modulators, demodulators, capacitors, inductors, switches and transistors.

We remain manufacturer independent and ensure you get the right solution for your design, providing evaluation boards, samples, data sheets and, where required, S-parameters. Our engineers will quickly and efficiently solve any design challenge, using the right frequency product for your application to provide the most cost-effective solution.

Find out more about our leading portfolio of antenna, filter, and frequency control solutions.

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