Infrared camera, T400-series, 320 × 240 resolution, <30 mK

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Manufacturer FLIR


Description :

The FLIR T430sc is a camera that offers good performance at an affordable price. Excellent ergonomics and a walk-up-and-use interface make the FLIR T430sc a truly user-friendly camera for the beginner or advanced user. High accuracy and sensitivity together with radiometric streaming options make the FLIR T430sc well suited for research and development

Technical Data :

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  • 320 × 240 LWIR resolution with interchangeable lenses and up to 8× e-zoom
  • Low noise with NETD of <30mk
  • Integrated daylight camera
  • On-camera measurement tools and analytics
  • On-camera real time temperature calibrated movie recording at 60fps
  • Ergonomic design with rotating optical block
  • New easy to navigate user interface
  • Includes ResearchIR 4.0 software
  • MSX® Thermal Image Enhancement
  • Ultramax for up to 640x480 pixel thermal resolution
  • Benefits

  • Tailor made for research and development: The FLIR T430sc has high accuracy and sensitivity to accurately measure the smallest temperature differences.
  • Excellent ergonomics: The FLIR T430sc has a tiltable infrared unit and auto-orientation, which make it easy to capture images from any angle comfortably. The small size and low weight of the camera facilitate its use over a full working day.
  • Affordable performance: The FLIR T430sc is equipped with the innovative Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) feature, which produces an image richer in detail than ever before. You can highlight objects of interest, on both the infrared and visual images, by sketching or adding predefined stamps directly onto the camera's touch screen.
  • Extensive communication options: The Wi-Fi connectivity of the FLIR T430sc allows you to connect to smart phones or tablets for the wireless transfer of images or the remote control of the camera. The Bluetooth-based METERLiNK function transfers readings from external measurement instruments to the infrared image.
  • Support for UltraMax: When enabling UltraMax in the camera, the resolution of images can be substantially enhanced when importing the images into FLIR Tools.