4-fibre Waterblocked LSZH 62.5/200/230 Breakout GiHCS® cable

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Manufacturer OFS


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This versatile low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) 2.2 mm cables, based on GiHCS fibre, has a broader range of installation environments than either indoor or outdoor cable. LSZH construction makes this cable suitable for indoor riser installations in enclosed or sealed locations. Sufficiently insulated to endure the transition areas from the indoors to the outdoors, such as at electrical substations, or poorly insulated semi-outdoor locations, such as wind turbine towers. This cable is moisture and fatigue resistant and extremely durable. LSZH materials also offer a higher operating temperature range than comparable GiHCS cables. Our 4-fibre waterblocked cable has aramid-free subunits for quick, easy, field connectorization. For ethernet-based automation and control systems.

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