64-Channel 3-wire T/C Compensated Relay Multiplexer

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

Description :

The Keysight Technologies E1476A High-Density Reed Relay Multiplexer is a C-size, 1-slot, register-based VXI module. This low-offset, thermocouple compensated multiplexer is dynamically configurable providing 64 channels of two-, three- or four-wire (32 channels) of switching. This multiplexer module consists of a component card with switches and a QUIC spring clamp terminal block that plugs onto the component card. The E1476A is ideal for applications needing a relay multiplexer that is dynamically configurable, and makes maximum high-quality, high-point count measurements.

High-integrity voltage measurements are possible with three-wire high, low, and guard switching. In addition to making two-wire resistance and precision four-wire resistance measurements, you can make up to 64 channels of thermocouple temperature measurements with automatic cold junction compensation.

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  • 1-Slot, C-size, register based
  • Low-thermal offset relay <2 µV
  • 64 channels of temperature with compensation
  • 64 channels of voltage : 3-wire high, low, and guard
  • 64 channels 2-wire and 32 channels 4-wire resistances
  • Includes QUIC easy-to-use terminal block