ECL Clock Pod


Manufacturer's part number :


Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

Description :

Each Keysight Technologies 1670G Series pattern generator (Option 004) needs one clock pod and up to four data pods. Each data pod provides eight output channels. With each order of this ECL Clock Pod, order (1) 10474A Lead Set.

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  • Logic level support: ECL
  • Recommended lead set: Keysight 10474A
  • Order at least one clock pod for each pattern generator module used as a master or each 1682xA portable logic analyser
  • Design in a dedicated header for pod connection or order one 8-channel lead set for each pod
  • Clock output type: 10H116 differential unterminated; and differential with 330 ohm to -5.2 V and 47 ohm series
  • Clock output rate: 200 MHz maximum
  • Clock out delay: 11 ns maximum in 9 steps
  • Clock input type: ECL - 10H116 with 50 kohm to -5.2 V
  • Clock input rate: DC to 200 MHz
  • Clock in to clock out: approximately 30 ns
  • Pattern input type: ECL - 10H116 with 50 kohm (no connect is logic 0)
  • Pattern in to recognition: approximately 15 ns + 1 clk period