Multiplexer 2:1 With De-Emphasis 28 Gb/s

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

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R&D and test engineers who need to characterize serial interfaces of up to 28.4 Gb/s can use the M8061A 2:1 Multiplexer with optional de-emphasis to extend the rate of J-BERT N4903B pattern generator. For the most accurate receiver characterization results, the M8061A provides four calibrated de-emphasis taps, which can be extended to eight taps, built-in superposition of level interference and Clock/2 jitter injection. The M8061A is a 2-slot AXIe module that can be controlled via USB from J-BERT’s user interface.

Emulate transmitter de-emphasis with up to 8 taps: Many multi gigabit serial interfaces use transmitter de-emphasis to compensate for electrical signal degradations caused by printed circuit boards or cables between the transmitter and the receiver ports. R&D and test engineers who need to characterize receiver ports under realistic and worst case conditions require a pattern generator that allows to accurately emulate transmitter de-emphasis with adjustable multi-tap de-emphasis levels. The M8061A can be used in combination with J-BERT N4903B as shown below.

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  • Expands data rate of J-BERT N4903B pattern generator up to 28.4 Gb/s
  • Adjustable positive and negative de-emphasis for up to 8 taps, optional
  • Internal superposition of interference for common-mode and differential mode
  • Transparent to jitter generated by J-BERT
  • Clock/2 jitter can be added
  • Electrical idle
  • Control from J-BERT N4903B user interface via USB