Signal Studio for Multitone Distortion

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

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N7621B Signal Studio for multitone distortion simplifies the creation of multitone and noise power ratio (NPR) signals for testing of components and receivers for communications systems. Generate up to 4096 discrete CW tones with multitone signals over 80 dBc third-order intermodulation distortion (IMD) or NPR test stimulus with over 60 dc notch depth.

External frequency translation and gain/loss place the signal at the user's reference plan. Corrected waveforms and application settings are easily saved and reused, reducing complexity and cost of test. Advanced calibration routines provide very precise multitone signals that are accurate in both amplitude and phase. Combining the software with a PSG and a wideband ARB allows for the creation of NPR or multitone signals that are significantly wider than 2 GHz of bandwidth for carrier frequencies up to 44 GHz.

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  • Distortion free two-tone and multitone test stimulus generation
  • Configure a noise power ratio (NPR) test stimulus with up to 2 GHz noise bandwidth, >60 dBc notch depth, and +/- .5 db noise flatness
  • Automatically apply pre-distortion using a spectrum analyzer to enhance signal quality and minimize test uncertainty
  • Compatible instruments: ESG, PSG and MXG signal generators and M9330A, N603XA, N824XA, and M8190A arbitrary waveform generators
  • Control frequency, amplitude, ALC, markers, triggers, and more
  • Set individual instrument parametres from the software GUI or API
  • Automate test with COM or .NET API
  • API-controlled waveform sequencing for smooth transition between signals
  • LAN and GPIB
  • Graphs: CCDF curves