Oscilloscope Signal Analyser Tailored Software, OSA, Pulse and CW modulation domain measurements

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

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Keysight Technologies W2650A Oscilloscope Signal Analyzer (OSA) software leverages the powerful Infiniium series oscilloscopes to provide precise, fast and efficient RF analysis for pulsed and CW signals. The OSA provides power and modulation domain (frequency and time interval) analysis measurements for test and verification of CW, Pulsed RF (e.g. RADAR) and Electronic Warfare (EW) systems. The OSA extends the analysis to yield a database of signal parametres that can be searched, filtered, plotted, and exported. Pulse parametres include PW, PRI, PRF, FMOP, Frequency, and Amplitude. Modulation domain parametres include segment timing, frequency dwell time, frequency hopping, frequency deviation and modulation statistics. Extended analysis includes parametre histograms and time domain plots.

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  • Extends the powerful Infiniium 9000, 90000, and 90000X oscilloscopes with segmented memory for pulsed and modulation domain signal analysis of Radar and EW waveforms, as well as any time varying signal.
  • Designed to support Aerospace/Defense as well as commercial applications to simplify signal analysis of today’s complex waveforms.
  • Performs pulse analysis for signals up to 32 GHz in carrrier frequency with multi-GHz analysis bandwidths
  • Analyze a large number of signals- quickly reduce the results, display, and sort through data to gain quick insight into system performance and field test results
  • Volts vs. time and Power (dBm) vs. time
  • Pulse frequency- mean, min, max, deviation, excursion, frequency/phase vs. time, differential frequency/phase vs. time, chirp, and Barker analysis
  • PRF (Pulse repetition frequency), PRI (Pulse repetition interval)
  • Pulse width, rise time, fall time, start time, end time
  • CW main and sub-sampling acquisition
  • Frequency vs. time, segment duration, frequency statistics and deviation
  • Modulation parametres such as frequency hopping signal pattern and duration
  • Option 500 on the 9000 Series Infiniium Oscilloscopes
  • Option 01 G on the 90000 Series Infiniium Oscilloscopes
  • Option 02G on the 90000 X-Series Infiniium Oscilloscopes