MIPI CSI-3, M-PHY, Protocol Decode

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

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Camera Serial Interface version 3.0 (CSI-3) standard was developed by MIPI Alliance to increase the performance throughput and greater feature set from CSI-2 standard. The CSI-3 interface runs on top of the MIPI M-PHY electrical layer as well as the MIPI UniPro protocol layer that are also developed by the MIPI Alliance standard body. With higher data rate transfer from the camera sensor devices to the application processors, CSI-3 provides higher quality picture transfer with less time. CSI-3 also reduces the pin count on the camera interface by embedding the clock in data signals.

Keysight 90000 Series oscilloscopes offer protocol decode for CSI-3 signals. The CSI-3 protocol decoder enables faster and better development of camera sensor applications employing the CSI-3 technology. The protocol analysis application enables teams to quickly move from physical layer to protocol layer measurements and includes software-based triggering.

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  • Set up your oscilloscope to show MIPI CSI-3 protocol decode in less than 30 seconds
  • Get access to a rich set of integrated software-based protocol-level triggers
  • Save time and eliminate errors by viewing packets at the protocol level
  • Use time-correlated views to quickly troubleshoot serial protocol problems back to their timing or signal integrity root cause
  • Infiniium 4.60 or higher software revision for 90000 Series
  • N8820A MIPI CSI-3 protocol decode (Option 068 on new 90000 Series or N5435A-065 for application server license)
  • E2688A high-speed SDA (Option 003 on new 90000 Series oscilloscope or Option N5435A-003 for application server license)
  • N2753A Infiniium Windows XP to 7 OS upgrade kit (oscilloscope already has M890 motherboard) and N2754A Infiniium Windows XP to 7 OP and M890 motherboard upgrade kit (oscilloscope without M890 motherboard)
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