Infiniium Signal Equalization

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

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Equalization is becoming an increasingly important application for today's digital designers. Higher data rates coupled with longer backplanes and interconnect distances have resulted in greater signal attenuation at the receiver. The outcome is the closing of eyes at the receiver, making it difficult to distinguish between a high and a low for even the most sophisticated decoding algorithms. The Infiniium serial data equalization (SDE) software utilizes Infiniium's low noise floor and clock recovery algorithms, combined with new equalization software, to accurately depict DFE, CTLE, and FFE. Now users can model equalization and de-embedding using only their 90000A or 90000X Series oscilloscope and the Infiniium SDE software.

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  • Application allows for accurate modeling of DFE, FFE and CTLE.
  • FFE emulation accurately depicts hardware equalization.
  • DFE is adaptive and allows for customization of the tap values.
  • SDE allows for easy set up of DFE, FFE, CTLE, or both DFE and FFE.
  • SDE Wizard provides step-by-step guide to the most optimized equalization algorithm.
  • Allow SDE to find tap values or input user defined tap values.
  • DFE uses Infiniium's state of the art clock recovery to open even the most complex eyes.
  • 9000, 90000 and 90000X Series oscilloscopes (order N5461A for existing oscilloscopes or Option 012 on new oscilloscopes)
  • Requires Infiniium baseline software 1.40 or greater
  • N5435A-025 for application server license.
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