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The IT700 is a highly integrated System-on-a-Chip (SoC) powerline communication (PLC) modem. It incorporates Yitran’s extremely reliable Physical Layer (PHY), high performance Data Link Layer (DLL) and Yitran Network Layer (Y-Net) protocol.

An integrated microcontroller with extended 8051 core, 256KB Flash memory, 16KB RAM and 24 general purpose I/Os implements the protocol stack and offers the required flexibility to implement various protocols and applications. The microcontroller’s UART interface provides the connection to an external Host and application controller. The I²C interface connects an optional external EEPROM for configuration parameter storage.

The IT700 modem core uses Yitran’s patented Differential Code Shift Keying (DCSK) advanced spread spectrum modulation technique. DCSK enables extremely robust communication over existing electrical wiring with data rates up to 7.5Kbps. In addition to the inherent interference immunity provided by DCSK modulation, the device utilizes several mechanisms for enhanced communication robustness, such as a patented forward short-block soft-decoding error-correction algorithm and special synchronization algorithms.

The integrated Analog Frontend provides differential inputs and line driver outputs to connect via an external line filter and coupler to the power transmission lines. An integrated Phase Locked Loop Circuit allows the operation of the IT700 with a choice of different crystal oscillators. An integrated Power On Reset (POR) circuitry eliminates the need for any external reset components and provides an autonomous, safe power-up and power-down reset to the chip. The integrated 1.8V voltage regulator allows the IT700 to operate from a single 3.3V supply voltage.

The IT700 complies with worldwide regulations (FCC part 15, ARIB and CENELEC bands) and is an ideal solution for a variety of “No New Wires” narrowband PLC applications.

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  • Full, low cost PLC modem and applications solution in a single chip.
  • Incorporates YITRAN'S high performance DLL (Data Link Layer), Y-NET protocol and extremely robust PHY (Physical layer).
  • Includes 8051 Micro for protocol stack and application.
  • High in-phase and cross-phase reliability.
  • Complies with worldwide regulation requirements (FCC, ARIB, CENELEC).
  • Ideal for a 'No New Wires' applications utilizing existing electrical wiring and grids such as Energy Management and Demand Response, AMR (Automated Meter Reading/Management)/AMM/AMI, home/building automation, security access and more.
  • Fully compatible with IT800 series
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Baud Rate 7.5 Kbps  

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Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 to +85  
Package QFN-56