FlexDCA, Remote Access Software for the 86100C/D DCA

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

Description :

N1010A FlexDCA takes the powerful user interface that is integrated into the 86100D DCA-X Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope and makes it available on a PC.

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  • Provides Eye/Mask, Oscilloscope, and Jitter measurement capabilities on your PC
  • Help troubleshoot problems in remote office locations
  • Operate instruments from your desk instead of a noisy lab
  • Fast instrument communication and data transfer via LAN or GPIB
  • Help sell your products using virtual device demonstration
  • Includes a built-in waveform simulator with jitter and noise injection
  • Provides integrated operation with Keysight SystemVue Software
  • De-embedding / Embedding using N1010A-SIM InfiniiSim-DCA
  • Advanced Signal Processing with an intuitive graphical interface
  • New measurement capability such as DDPWS, UJ, J2, and J9
  • Perform up to 64 measurements simultaneously
  • Purchase one PC-based software license and use it with multiple DCA mainframes
  • Example: One N1010A-SIM InfiniiSim-DCA (de-embedding) license can be used with multiple 86100C or 86100D mainframes
  • More efficient equipment utilization
  • Develop tests from remote locations
  • 86100C Rev A.10.02 or greater
  • 86100D Rev A.10.02 or greater
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