Physical Layer Test System Software

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

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Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) 2014 software is a powerful signal integrity tool for today’s high-speed digital designers. There are so many signal integrity tools for design, analysis and troubleshooting of high-speed interconnect that it’s difficult to manage them all. The Keysight PLTS design team has created version 2014 to integrate new tools for a substantial boost in productivity and help solve real world problems for today’s signal integrity engineers.

The 1-port automatic fixture removal tool in PLTS 2014 is a breakthrough extension of the previous 2X THRU AFR in PLTS 2013 that saves the user from designing and fabricating special calibration structures on PCBs. Now, the test fixture itself can be used as the “1X THRU” structure with an open circuit on port 2. This is extremely helpful when working with FPGA applications where it is nearly impossible to create a normal 2X THRU structure. Furthermore, the accuracy can be enhanced by using additional calibration structures together such as an open, short and/or THRU if desired. This error correction flexibility gives the signal integrity engineer more control over accuracy versus ease-of-use decisions that need to be made for leading edge applications.

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  • 1-port Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR) for simple extraction of fixture models
  • Multi-channel simulation to analyze TX and RX with vendor supplied IBIS-AMI models
  • Batch file convertor improvements for managing large data sets
  • Interpolation and single point limits for accurate pass/fail results