Wireless Link Analysis Software, WLA, PC/Instrument License

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

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When you’re troubleshooting designs based on complex wireless standards, a typical RF or protocol analyzer alone won’t show you the whole picture. Deepen your understanding of link behavior with Keysight’s 89600 WLA software, the MAC-layer complement to the 89600 VSA software. Wireless link analysis decodes control messages and correlates them with the PHY-layer signals they manage, giving you greater visibility into the complexities of the MAC/PHY interaction. Expand your toolkit with 89600 WLA software—and see inside the link. Option 001 is included as part of 89620B.

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  • Seamless combination of vector signal analysis and wireless link analysis clarifies increasingly autonomous interaction between MAC and physical (PHY) layers
  • Connects seamlessly to the industry-leading 89600 VSA software
  • View and interpret RF power, modulation format, timing, etc. measurements in a MAC-message context and view and interpret MAC messages in an RF context
  • With its graphical approach to testing and analysis, the 89600 WLA software provides views that reveal the details of link operation
  • LTE-Advanced wireless link analysis option enables to decode RRC message based on 3GPP Release 10
  • Decode/verify MAC, RLC and RRC-layer messages for UL and DL across multiple radio frames
  • Use the messaging log to filter, locate, and display specific messages of interest
  • Apply 89600 WLA software in conjunction with 89600 VSA software virtually anywhere in your mixed-signal designs (pure baseband, baseband IQ, IF or RF)
  • Transportable license: resides on your PC/instrument, can be transported to another PC/instrument at any time
  • The same file installs both 89600 WLA software and 89600 VSA software