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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

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The W2641B DisplayPort Test Point Access Adapter breaks out the DisplayPort signals of interest for compliance and characterization testing. These signals include the 4 high speed differential lanes that carry the main video content, the Auxiliary channel that carries bidirectional control information, and the Hot Plug Detect and Power lines necessary for standard DisplayPort connection. DisplayPort CTS 1.1a added more sophisticated tests for the AUX channel so the W2641B includes 4 new structures for probing this interface. The fixture is used for both DisplayPort sink and source testing where the device under test connector is a DisplayPort receptacle. The W2641B is used with the U7232A DisplayPort compliance test software which supports 1, 2 or 4 lane connection models. De-embed files can be provided for removing fixture effects which is important for the highest data usage, such as for HBR2 on DisplayPort 1.2 designs.

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  • Full DisplayPort Signal access for DisplayPort CTS 1.1a compliance testing and characterization.
  • Low profile signal access to DisplayPort interface using right-angle SMP cables standard
  • Device clearance for performance oriented measurements on busy back panels
  • AUX channel structures for new AUX channel suite of tests in CTS 1.1a
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