T9602 humidity and temperature sensor, PDM analogue output, 3V, 1.8m cable

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Produttore GE Sensing

Amphenol Advanced Sensors

Descrizione :

Humidity and Temperature Sensor for OEM installation.



Dati tecnici :

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  • Fully Calibrated & Temperature Compensated
  • Water resistant
  • Digital or Analogue Output
  • Optional wire length
  • Precision & Accuracy (±2% RH, ±0.3°C, 14 bit)
  • Low Current Consumption
  • Reliable in Harsh Environments
  • Different Mounting Options
  • Benefits

  • Energy Saving HVAC Control -Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Indoor Air Quality, Vent Fans, Home Appliances, Humi/Dehumidifiers
  • Process Control & Instrumentation-Medical Instruments, Handheld Devices, Weather Stations, Food Processing, Printers, RFIDs
Caratteristiche Prodotti simili
Intervallo operativo di umidità (% RH) 0 to 100 %RH (Non Condensing)  

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Precisione (%) ±2  
Condizione accuratezza ±2% RH (20 to 80% RH)  
Tempo di risposta 7000 ms  
stabilità a lungo-termine <0.5% RH each year  
uscita tipo Analogue  
intervallo voltaggio in uscita (V) 3  
combinazione umidità & temperatura Yes  
imballaggio tipo LCC  
intervallo di temperatura operativo (°C) 0 to 50