Dispositivo di soppressione rumore in materiale amorfo - Core SPIKE KILLER™

Toshiba SSxxW-Serie Amorphous bead

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Produttore Toshiba

Toshiba - Magnetics

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An amorphous noise suppression device is unique and completely different from conventional noise filters. Conventional noise prevention products focus on somehow minimizing the noise after it's been created, by typically trying to absorb the noise, and so their effectiveness is noise reduction is directly influenced by frequency of the circuit. Amorphous noise suppressing devices, on the other hand, focus on the source of the noise and work to prevent or minimize the noise before it has a chance to develop. The source of electronic circuit noise is the rapid change of current or voltage, and the effectiveness of the amorphous cores in eliminating this noise is independent of frequency.

An amorphous noise suppression device is a product that takes full advantage of the unique magnetic characteristics of the cobalt based amorphous alloy. Toshiba Materials offers two noise suppression devices, "AMBOBEADS®" and "SPIKE KILLERS®". AMBOBEADS®" deliver excellent noise suppression results and are convenient to use by simply being slipped over the leads of the semiconductor device. "AMBOBEADS®" are also available with a lead thru and in a surface mount configuration. "SPIKE KILLERS®", which are larger in size than "AMBOBEADS®", most often are wire wound and are effective in eliminating or minimizing higher noise levels.

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Type / Shape Bead  

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Size (mm) 9.1 x 3.3 x 4.8  
Maximum Cable Diameter (mm) 3.3  
Material Amorphous