Adaptive Optics Plug-and-play Accessory, for PALM/STORM Microscope

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Produttore Imagine Optic

Imagine Optic

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MicAO 3DSR, is an adaptive optics plug-and-play accessory for your PALM/STORM microscope. MicAO employs adaptive optics, a technology derived from astrophysics that is used to improve the resolution of telescopes. Imagine Optic has adapted this technology to bioimaging in order to enhance your microscope’s imaging abilities. Read more to learn how this unique plug-and-play accessory will enable you to fully benefit from all that PALM, STORM and SPT can offer – nanometric resolution in all three dimensions. MicAO is a plug-and-play device which is simply placed between your microscope’s camera port and the EMCCD camera itself. Its high optical quality, based on Imagine Optic’s patented adaptive-optics technology, ensures 95% optical transmission so that every photon counts. The software drivers fully integrate MicAO’s functionality into MetaMorph or µ-Manager via plug-in, making it user-friendly and easy to master especially for people not explicitly trained in adaptive optics.

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  • Microscope compatibility: Standard inverted frames
  • Objective compatibility: Optimized for 100x / n/a >1.49
  • Optical transmission: 95%
  • Lateral localization precision: 8 nm @1000 photons / 5 nm @ 4000 photons
  • Axial (z axis) localization precision: 16 nm @ 1000 photons / 10 nm @ 4000 photons
  • Software: MicAO v1
  • Camera interface: I/O camera port
  • Dimensions / weight: 410 x 410 x 100 mm / 17 kg
  • Working environment: 5 - 40°C, 20 - 80% NCRH
  • Power supply: 110 - 220 V / 50 - 60 Hz