Nanosecond Q-switched DPSS Laser, 1053/1064m, High Energy up to 70mJ, Air Cooled

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Quantas Q2 Series

Produttore Quantum Light Instruments

Quantum Light Instruments

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Quantas Q2 models employ MOPA (Master Oscillator /Power Amplifier) architecture in order to produce high pulse energies while maintaining low divergence output. Two models are available, offering 50 mJ @ 20 Hz or 70 mJ @ 10 Hz pulse energies. Less than 8 ns pulse duration allows efficient fundamental wavelength conversion to higher harmonics with shortest wavelength available of 211 nm. Wavelength extensions into infrared range by use of OPO are available by request.

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  • Up to 70 mJ pulse energy at 1053 nm
  • Up to 50 mJ pulse energy at 1064 nm
  • Short pulse duration <8ns
  • Air cooled
  • Variable pulse repetition rate up to 20Hz
  • Build-in sync pulse generator for triggering of user equipment
  • Remote control via build-in Ethernet interface
  • Optional 2nd nm, 3rd nm, 4th nm or 5th nm harmonic generators
  • Optional attenuator for fundamental wavelength
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Tipo di Laser Compact DPSS  

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Campo Spettrale UV (150-400nm)  
VIS (400-750nm)  
NIR (750nm-3µm)  
Durata impulso 0.5ns-500ns  
Energia d'impulso 1-1000mJ  
Frequenza di ripetizione Single shot to 100Hz  
Lunghezza d'onda 1064nm  

Nanosecond Q-switched DPSS Laser High Energy

Quantas Q2 Serie
Pulse Energy mJ
Pulse Repetition Rate
20 Hz
Typical Pulse Duration
< 8 ns
Beam Profile
Bell-shaped, 75% fit to Gaussian