Goniophotometer, 2 Axis, LabSpion

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Viso Systems

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The Viso LabSpionTM enables you to fully measure any light source quickly in one or more C-planes. Simply measure beam angle, lumen, CRI, colour temperature and lumen per watt with the need for expert knowledge. The system is comprised of a full spectra spectrometry sensor and a built-in 70K/sec sample power analyser in order to give you a truly professional light measurement.

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    • High fixture weight of 25kg
    • Spectrometer sensor
    • Transmission, high sensor sensitivity
    • 2 axis goniometers
    • Angular resolution: 1°, C-Plane: 5°
    • Full automatic spectrometer set up
    • On the fly dark correction
    • All photometric measurement in on system


    • Labspion Measures: Lumen, Peak candela, Colour temperature, CRI, Beam angle, Angular field distribution, Power, Power factor, Lumen per watt
    • Export: IES, LDT, PDF