Trasduttore di pressione di precisione - antideflagrante

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Produttore Honeywell

Honeywell - Magnetic

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Honeywell's PPTE offers an explosion-proof pressure transducer where protection in hazardous locations is critical. It combines proven silicon sensor technology with microprocessor-based signal conditioning to provide an extremely smart pressure transducer. Designed with a hermetically sealed, stainless steel construction, the PPTE operates in severe vibration, thermal and mechanical shock environments. The PPTE has many software features that support a wide range of applications.

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  • High Accuracy ±0.10% FS typical accuracy from -40 to 85°C
  • Smart, Digital Sensing and Control
  • Versatile and Configurable
  • User Selectable Software Features
  • Vantaggi

  • Simplifies System Design - No additional signal compensation needed to gain the benefits of a very accurate sensor.
  • Efficient Data Acquisition - Connect up to 89 units on a multidrop bus using built-in RS-485 capability.
  • Easy Interface - Directly connects to PC via communication ports.
  • Closes the Loop - Smart PPTE makes control decisions.
  • Works with existing and new systems. - All units have 0-5V analog and either RS-232 or RS-485 digital outputs.
  • Isolation diaphragms handle most media - harsh gases or liquids.
  • Rugged Design - Operates in severe vibration, thermal, and mechanical shock environments.
  • Optimizes Output - User-configurable pressure units, sampling, update rate.
  • Flags Problems - Internal diagnostics set flags, provide alarms.
  • Baud Rate, Parity Setting, Continuous Broadcast, ASCII or Binary Output, Sensor Temperature Output (C or F), Deadband, Sensitivity, Tare Value, Configurable Analog Output
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Lettura della Pressione di Tipo Digital RS-485, 0 to 5V  

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intervallo di Pressione 1500 psi  
Accuratezza Digital: ± 0.20% FS (Max)  
Risoluzione (% of FS) Digital: Up to 0.0011  
Tempo di Risposta 17 ms  
Tensione di Alimentazione (V) 6 to 30  
Intervallo Operativo di Temperatura (°C) -40 to 85