A filo avvolto, Bobina d'arresto linea di alimentazione, Induttore radiale

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Produttore Gowanda


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The DB1-102LF is a Wirewound, Power Line Choke, Radial Inductor from Gowanda Electronics Inc. with an inductance of 0.01µH, a rated DC current of 10.7A and a DC resistance of 0.009Ω. Gowanda Electronics, established for over 40 years, specialises in providing high performance inductors for demanding applications in the industrial, communications, military/aerospace, medical, and power conversion industries.

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Induttanza (μH) 0.01  

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Tolleranza (%) ±10  
Massima Corrente DC (A) 10.7  
Massima Resistenza DC(Ω) 0.009  
Imballaggio/dimensione 0.825 x 0.65 in