AmoFlux Toroidal Core 47.63mm OD

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Produttore Magnetics Inc

Magnetics Inc

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AmoFlux is a new powder alloy distributed gap material that is ideal for power factor correction (PFC) and output chokes. This alloy starts with low core loss amorphous ribbon that is pulverized into powder and then pressed into a toroid. By converting the ribbon into a powder, the resulting AmoFlux Cores have the same excellent properties, including soft saturation, as Magnetics other powder core materials. What makes this amorphous powder core material unique is the combination of low core loss and high DC bias. These attributes make AmoFlux an excellent choice for computer, server, and industrial power supplies that require PFC or output chokes.

The short part number is 0088439A7

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Materiale AmoFlux  

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Forma Toroid  
Al (nH/T2) 135  
Permeabilità 60  
Le (mm) 107  
Ae (mm²) 199  
Ve (mm³) 21300