Do you need custom-designed accessories?

Magnetic cores

The majority of soft magnetic cores need accessories in order to protect, enhance or fix them within a larger design. Where space and performance are important issues, accessories may need to be custom designed in order to ensure that your design works and that your core material is efficient and effective.

At Acal BFi we offer a complete in-house design process, using our expert engineers to work closely with you at every stage of your project. We can design specialist housings, base plates, bobbins and clips to increase thermal-heat dissipation, make the best use of available space and protect customised core shapes.

Working with world-class manufacturers

With many years of experience in magnetic cores and accessories, Acal BFi have built strong working relationships with leading manufacturers around the world. That means we can respond quickly and accurately to your needs, becoming part of your team and providing an essential link between you and the manufacturer you choose. We can handle as much or as little of your core and accessories programme as you require – from initial design to sourcing stock for your production run, and producing first-class tools and devices.

Complete flexibility

Source all your soft magnetic core requirements with Acal BFi. As well as a wide range of magnetic materials, we offer complete flexibility when it comes to putting your project together. Our expertise and product knowledge means we can give you reliable, trustworthy advice as well as offering you a range of services that add value to your project.

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