Designed and built for the harshest environments on the planet; best-in-class high temperature MEMS accelerometer from Colibrys

Colibrys TS1000T rangeThe Colibrys TS1000T range is specifically designed for harsh environments; this high temperature MEMS accelerometer is regularly found in drilling applications and offers the highest performance stability and shock resistance with the lowest non-linearity and noise, compared to similar MEMS sensors.

The entire TS1000T range is proven to operate accurately from -40°C to 150°C for more than 1000 hours and remains accurate for temperatures up to 175°C for 50 hours. With an embedded temperature sensor, measurements can be temperature compensated to counter any thermal influences and temperature changes with excellent repeatability.

Available in ±2G, ±5G and ±10G specifications, the accuracy and performance of the Colibrys TS1000T range is market leading. Residual modelling error ranges are extremely low, just ±0.6mG*, with ultra low noise, less than 7µG at 1Hz.*

During production, every sensor is systematically tested across its temperature range. With internal signal analogue conditioning, the TS1000T has built in self-test and overload functions giving you complete confidence at all times, with reliable measurements and long term bias stability.

Commonly used in drilling applications, down-hole measurement, directional drilling, borehole survey, geological exploration and data logging whilst drilling often rely on the accuracy of the Colibrys TS1000T range.

Key features

  • High temperature range: -40 to 175°C
  • Full-scale acceleration: ±2g, ±5g, ±10g
  • Low noise: < 7 µg @ 1 Hz for ±2 g range
  • Endurance to high repetitive shock: >=1000g
  • Excellent bias residual model: < +/-0.6 mg for ± 2 g range
  • Long term bias stability: ±2, ±5, ±10mg after extreme stability plan

*For the 2G version.

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