White paper - Using powder materials to replace air-gaps for fringing flux reduction

White paper – Using powder materials to replace air-gaps for fringing flux reduction Amorphous or nanocrystalline cores are the preferred choice for designers when building smaller power inductors, as the materials offer a much higher possible saturation flux density compared with ferrites. However, to store a high amount of energy, power inductors made from these materials require a relatively large air-gap.

This isn’t a complete solution as fringing flux entering the space around the air-gap, due to forced eddy current losses, causes further design issues. Using multiple small air-gaps can resolve this, but it can be costly, as additional manufacturing efforts are required.

This paper explores an alternative solution to large or multiple air-gaps in power-inductors – lower permeability powder materials.

Cincon’s new CQB quarter brick series will keep you on track

Cincon’s new quarter size brick railway series - including 150W and 50W variants - is designed for the demanding needs and requirements of the rail industry, with full compliance to the EN50155 Railway Standard for use on rolling stock, and EN45545 Railway Standard for fire and smoke.

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Nouveau partenariat: bénéficiez des lasers Qioptiq et de la conception/intégration signée Acal BFi

Leader européen en solutions technologiques avancées avec plus de 40 ans d'expérience en photonique et en lasers, Acal BFi a établi un partenariat avec Qioptiq qui devrait permettre une plus grande prise en charge des applications. Ainsi, davantage de secteurs pourront bénéficier de la technologie laser de Qioptiq dans toute l'Europe.

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Acal BFi signe un accord paneuropéen exclusif avec SightLine Applications, spécialiste des systèmes de traitement des vidéos et images embarquées

Acal BFi a conclu un accord exclusif de distribution pour toute l'Europe, portant sur les produits sophistiqués de traitement vidéo signés Sightline Applications.

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