White paper - Using powder materials to replace air-gaps for fringing flux reduction

White paper – Using powder materials to replace air-gaps for fringing flux reduction Amorphous or nanocrystalline cores are the preferred choice for designers when building smaller power inductors, as the materials offer a much higher possible saturation flux density compared with ferrites. However, to store a high amount of energy, power inductors made from these materials require a relatively large air-gap.

This isn’t a complete solution as fringing flux entering the space around the air-gap, due to forced eddy current losses, causes further design issues. Using multiple small air-gaps can resolve this, but it can be costly, as additional manufacturing efforts are required.

This paper explores an alternative solution to large or multiple air-gaps in power-inductors – lower permeability powder materials.

Case study and interview – Remote monitoring in open water

Find out how Acal BFi overcame an almost impossible brief with the latest IoT technology solutions and innovative design

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Acal BFi, spécialiste paneuropéen en imagerie thermique, dévoile le potentiel de la nouvelle micro-caméra Lepton 3 de FLIR

Acal BFi, spécialiste en imagerie thermique et leader européen en solutions technologiques avancées, offre à ses clients des options d'accès et de design grâce à la série de micro-caméras thermiques Lepton® de FLIR, notamment la nouvelle Lepton 3.

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The programmable IoT gateway that sets a new standard for IoT embedded platforms

See the FX30 in action - Acal BFi have teamed the new Sierra Wireless FX30 with the Acal BFi Environmental Sensor Platform to produce this demonstration video of this new cellular gateway.

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