Magnetics Inductor Design Tool now available

Magnetics Inductor Design ToolWorld-leading producer of precision soft magnetic materials and components, Magnetics, has produced the Magnetics Inductor Design Tool software to support design engineers in selecting the optimum powder core.

The software can help design engineers find the right material from MPP, High Flux, Kool Mμ®, XFlux™ and 75-Series, for Toroid and E-shape core designs. Using the tool, engineers can find materials best suited to their needs and both develop and refine their designs and solutions. Designers simply need to input their criteria, including DC Current, Peak to Peak ripple, Frequency, Full Load, Specified Current, Temperature rise and optional stacked core design to find the right product from Magnetics’ extensive product and material portfolio.

The software, which is based on the Microsoft® Excel office package, does not require installation on a user’s machine and is free to download, then outputs compatible part numbers for consideration. Designers can also enter known part numbers into the tool before the output design parameters are displayed.

With the design parameters displayed, engineers can make further adjustments to the design in terms of Turns, AWG and Strand within the software before plotting their design to see the behavioural graph within the software.

The Magnetics Inductor Design Tool has been designed and developed by Magnetics, who have more than 60 years of expertise in the research magnetic materials. Magnetics’ products set the standard for providing consistent and reliable electrical properties for a comprehensive range of core shapes and geometries.

Magnetics is directly supporting engineers with the provision of this tool in selecting and designing the optimum powder core for inductor applications, specifically switch-mode power supply (SMPS) output filters, also known as DC Inductors.

The tool is intended to shorten your design cycle and prototype testing to deliver high-quality products that fit your specialised needs. This tool is free to download via the link below and uses a design algorithm to specify the smallest design package size for the given input parameters (currents, inductance values, frequency, etc.). Also available is the Quick Start User Guide from Acal BFi to further support engineers with the tool and their designs.

Please ensure you check back regularly and download the latest version, available below:

Quick Start User GuideQuick Start User Guide

Acal BFi has produced a step-by-step guide to use with the design tool, featuring annotated screenshots and a full list of terms / definitions.
Please download a copy via the link below:

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