In challenging, harsh environments you need to choose the right sensor.

With harsh environment expertise, our experts will guide you through the process of finding the perfect sensor that matches your requirements and optimises your application, regardless of the operating environment.
Colibrys TS1000T series is the best-in-class high temperature MEMs accelerometer designed and built for the harshest environments

Temperature ranges from -40°C to 150°C for more than 1000 hours
Withstands intermittent temperature exposure of up to 175°C for 150 hours
Highest performance stability with shock resistance and the lowest non-linearity and noise compared to similar MEMS sensors
Built-in temperature sensor that compensates for thermal drift ensuring that this unique sensor excels in all drilling applications
From sub-zero to boiling point, the Honeywell PX3 heavy duty pressure transducers do more than handle the pressure and heat

Temperature compensate range -40°C to 135°C
Pressure range from 15 psi to 667 psi
Low current consumption (3.5mA max)
Enhanced freeze-thaw resistance
Five different port options
Single gauge or absolute pressure reference option
Two seal material and temperature range

The customisable Tewa TTO series is the best high-performance temperature sensor for any harsh environment

Temperature range from -50°C to 105°C
IP68 waterproof rating
Available with any length, size or colour of cable
Encapsulated in an over moulded sleeve made from thermoplastic elastomer materials
Perfect solution for applications requiring water and moisture protection
Shibaura JXW-51 clip sensor provides accurate temperature reading and instant installation


Operating temperature range of -40°C to 120°C
IP54 protection rating
3 second response time
Clip-spring glass-sealed thermistor for use in applications such as boilers and water heaters
Easy installation
The mounting bracket is made from high quality stainless steel
Acal BFi supply a comprehensive range of innovation sensors for your Wi-Fi needs

Acal BFi, spécialiste paneuropéen en imagerie thermique, dévoile le potentiel de la nouvelle micro-caméra Lepton 3 de FLIR

Acal BFi, spécialiste en imagerie thermique et leader européen en solutions technologiques avancées, offre à ses clients des options d'accès et de design grâce à la série de micro-caméras thermiques Lepton® de FLIR, notamment la nouvelle Lepton 3.

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The programmable IoT gateway that sets a new standard for IoT embedded platforms

See the FX30 in action - Acal BFi have teamed the new Sierra Wireless FX30 with the Acal BFi Environmental Sensor Platform to produce this demonstration video of this new cellular gateway.

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Sierra Wireless Smart SIM gives global access to more networks than any single mobile network operator SIM. Claim 3 FREE Smart SIMs today.

Do you have an application that you are building right now or ready to be tested/launced in the next 8 weeks? Is Mobile connectivity an essential part of your solution? If so why not claim up-to 3 Sierra Wireless Smart SIMs for 15MB of data for up to 3 months.

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