Joint tissu/feuille sur mousse à profil carré

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Fabricant MTC


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MTC's standard gaskets have a polyurethane foam core which is available in four different hardness values (32 / 45 / 70 / 150 kg/cm³). The foam core is covered with a conductive fabric with a copper-nickel metal coating or aluminium foil.

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  • They are easy to work and can be cut with a pair of scissors.
  • They offer high resistance to wear.
  • Less connection elements are required between the housing components (thus reducing costs).
  • Low contact pressure forces mean that thinner metal plates can be used, which in turn reduces costs.
  • They have low surface resistance (< 0.08 Ohm).
  • Seals are a cost-saving method of shielding.
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Largeur (mm) 9.5  
Hauteur (mm) 9.5  
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