Convertisseur DC/AC 500 W pour l'industrie et les transports ferroviaires

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The CRS-500 series consists of DC-DC converters with a galvanic isolation between input and output. The converters operate at a fixed switching frequency and use push-pull converter topology. For maximum regulation, the remote sensing terminals can be connected to the load. This will allow a power cable voltage drop of up to 0.3 V on each cable to be offset. The device is protected against overload and short-circuit by means of a current limiting circuit. The device is also protected against reverse polarity input voltage, and the input fuse blows if an improper connection is made. When a converter input under voltage condition occurs, the converter is disabled, thus preventing the battery from becoming totally discharged.

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  • Oring FET option
  • High input-output isolation
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Remote sensing
  • Input voltage OK LED
  • Output voltage OK LED
  • Remote inhibit
  • Output failure alarm
  • Reverse input polarity protection
  • Railway version EN50155
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Dimensions (mm) 266 x 180 x 54.8  

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Marché/Application Industrial  
Gamme de Tension d'entrée (V) 28.8 to 60  
Puissance Max (W) 500  
Nombre de Sorties 1  
Rendement Maximum (%) 91  
Tension de Sortie 1 (V) 48