Sphère intégrante précise, Gamme IR, pour réflexion, Transmission, Puissance radiométrique

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Fabricant Gigahertz Optik

Gigahertz Optik

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With the 150mm diameter, the UPG-150-ART provides a good compromise in terms of precision of the sphere function and level of the measurement signal. Its production from a solid aluminum block ensures a very precise alignment of the measurement ports to each other. Another characteristic property are the thin circumferential knife-edges of the measurement ports that enable a high acceptance angle for diffuse light. Multifunctional integrating sphere The UPG-150-ART is ideal for multiple functions through its five knife-edged measurement ports that can be used either while open or closed.

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  • Sphere Coating: ODG95 pure gold
  • Sphere Diameter: 100mm
  • Measurement Port: Diameter 30mm
  • Wall thickness of the measurement ports 0.5mm
  • Benefits

  • Gold coating has a high, constant spectral reflectance within the spectral range between 800nm and 20μm. Integrating spheres with gold coatings are therefore ideally used for applications in the infrared spectral range.
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Type de mesure Transmission/Reflection  

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Diamètre Port d'entrée (mm) 25 to 40  
Diamètre Sphère (mm) 150  
Nombre de Port 5  

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