Sphère intégrante modulaire, diamètre 210mm, support pour cuvette 200mm

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Fabricant Gigahertz Optik

Gigahertz Optik

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The UMBB-210-M-C20 is an example of the high flexibility level in designing integrating spheres using our modular integrating sphere concept. The sphere has a sample holder for cuvettes with a 20mm diameter that can be easily fixed from below using the Slide & Fix sample holder at the sphere center. The upper sphere port enables illumination of the sample. It is shadowed from the sample by a baffle. A baffle is also used to shadow the laterally arranged measurement ports from the sample.

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  • Internal sphere diameter: 215 mm / 8.5 inches
  • Coating: ODP97
  • Spectral range: 350-2500nm
  • Sample holder: Slide & Fix holder with sample holder for cuvettes with a 20mm diameter. The holder allows for axial rotation of the cuvette up to 90°
  • Benefits

  • The modular integrating sphere concept from Gigahertz-Optik offers a high flexibility level when it comes to individual configuration of integrating spheres.
  • In addition to the various components such as port frames, baffles and sockets that can be directly mounted onto the integrating sphere, numerous other accessories are offered for configuration of application-ready integrating spheres and integrating sphere measurement systems.
Caractéristiques Produits similaires
Type de mesure Standard modular sphere  

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Diamètre Port d'entrée (mm) 10 to 20  
Diamètre Sphère (mm) 215  
Nombre de Port 2  

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