Sphère intégrante 30x105mm en ODM-98

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Fabricant Gigahertz Optik

Gigahertz Optik

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The UPK-30S105-L model integrating sphere feature a unique stretched design specially made for the measurement of side emitting fibers up to 80mm long. Elongation of the ODM98 coated sphere from 30mm diameter to a length of 105mm eliminates the need for a large diameter sphere. Its unique collar baffle design avoids direct illumination of the detector by the side emitting fiber. The detector port provides an interface for direct mounting of Gigahertz-Optik's PD-11, TD-11 and VL-11 type light detectors and UFC-11 type fiber connectors. The recommended useful wavelength range of the stretched integrating sphere is from 250nm to 2500nm.

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  • Sphere Coating: ODM98
  • Sphere Diameter: 30x105mm
  • Spectral range: 250nm to 2500nm
  • MMeasurement Port: Diameter Stainless steel adapter with 2mm hole
  • Benefits

  • Calibration laboratory offers traceable spectral radiant power sensitivity calibration in the wavelength range from 250nm to 1800nm.
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Type de mesure Transmission/Reflection  

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Diamètre Port d'entrée (mm) 2 to 5  
Diamètre Sphère (mm) 30  
Nombre de Port 1  

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