Sphère intégrante, multi-fonctions pour réflexion, Transmission, Absorption, flux de photoluminescence

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Fabricant Gigahertz Optik

Gigahertz Optik

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The UPB-150-ARTA precision integrating sphere for reflection, transmission and absorption. With a 150mm diameter, five 30mm application ports and an internal sample holder, the UPB-150-ARTA enables many measurement geometries for reflection, transmission and absorption applications. Sample holders for thin sample foils, glas plates as well as 10mm standard size cuvettes are available. One special feature of this universal integrating sphere with barium sulfate coating are the knife-edged application ports. The ports can be closed using port plugs. Options: detector port adapter, port reducers, sample holder, light traps, detectors, SMA connectors.

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  • Sphere coating: ODP97 based on barium sulfate
  • Diameter of the measurement ports: 30mm
  • Wall thickness of the measurement ports: 0.5mm
  • Number of measurement ports:5
  • Angle tolerance of port setup: +/- 0.1°
  • Accessories and sample holder Two detachable posts for the Slide & Fix system per port
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Type de mesure Transmission/Reflection  

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Diamètre Port d'entrée (mm) 25 to 40  
Diamètre Sphère (mm) 150  
Nombre de Port 5  

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