Système d'analyse de flux spectral avec sphère intégrante de 50cm

Numéro de référence fabricant :

BTS256-LED + ISD-50-V01

Fabricant Gigahertz Optik

Gigahertz Optik

Description :

The BTS256-LED with ISD-50 integrating sphere with 50cm diameter for the luminous flux, luminous spectrum and luminous color of 2π lamps with a diameter of up to 127mm. the BTS256-LED / ISD-50-V01 is a high-quality light meter for measurement of the luminous flux, luminous spectrum and luminous color of LEDs in the visible spectral range.

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  • Luminous flux calibration +/-8%
  • Light sensor: Bi-Technology sensor with a broadband detector and a 256 Pixel CMOS diode array. Integrated aperture for automatic dark signal adjustment.
  • Input optics - ISD-50 integrating sphere: Integrating sphere with barium sulfate coating. Measurement port with 127mm diameter. Port reducer with 50.8mm diameter and knife-edges. 12V/20W Halogen auxiliary lamp. Table stand.
  • Input optics for the luminous flux: Integrating sphere with synthetic ODM98 coating and protective window at the sphere port.
  • Interface: USB
  • Operating temperature range: 10°C to 30°C
  • Benefits

    Photometric,ColorimetricMeasurement Capabilities:
  • Øp luminous flux in lm
  • Øe radiant power in W
  • Øλ spectral radiant power
  • x, y CIE 1931 color coordinates
  • u‘, v‘ CIE 1976 color coordinates
  • CT color temperature
  • Δuv deviation from the blackbody locus
  • λdom dominant wavelength
  • λp peak intensity wavelength
  • λ0,5 spectral half-width
  • Purity color purity
  • CRI Ra and R1 to R15 Color Rendering Index