Filtre Acousto-optique Te02 NIR Accordable, Angle Accepté 2.6-6.3°

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Fabricant Isomet


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The AOTF range of acousto-optic devices are solid state optical filters. The wavelength of the diffracted light is selected according to the frequency of the RF drive signal. Isomet-grown tellurium dioxide (Te02), which has been oriented for off-axis mode operation, is utilised as the interaction material. Fast access times and fine spectral bandwidths make these filters ideal for selecting discrete lines from a multi-line laser sources. The best diffraction efficiency is obtained with linearly polarised input light.

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  • Wavelength: 700nm, 800nm, 1200nm, 1500nm, 1700nm, 1800nm, 2400nm
  • Interaction Material: Tellurium dioxide (Te02)
  • Aperture: 5.0mm x 5.0mm
  • Frequency: 95MHz, 80MHz, 52MHz, 42MHz, 37MHz, 35MHz, 24MHz
  • RF Drive Power: 120-2000mW
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Spectral range (µm) NIR  

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Active aperture (sq. mm) 5 x 5  
Acceptance angle (deg.) 2.8 to 5  
Optical bandwidth (nm) 1 to 15.5  
Drive frequency (MHz) 95 to 26  

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