Dual Frequency Synthesizer and RF Driver

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Fabricant Isomet


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The iSPA-SF2 dual output driver is designed to operate with AO modulator pairs, deflectors, tuneable filters and frequency shifters. The driver includes a direct digital synthesizer (DDS), a 32-bit ARM processor (featuring internal FLASH, RAM, ADC and USBII interface) and dual RF amplifiers. The driver can be directly controlled in real time via USB or may be pre-programmed for autonomous operation. External controls are applied through a 25way D-type connector.

The driver can be easily programmed to output sweeps or step changes in frequency or phase or amplitude.

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  • Frequency resolution (full range): 32 bit inherent, 1Hz using Isomet Software
  • Frequency stability: less than +/- 25ppm (common mode); less than +/- 1ppm (differential mode)
  • Frequency range: 20-200 MHz
  • RF power per output: 1.2W (1.5W typical)
  • Output power flatness: less than +/- 1dB / octave
  • Harmonics: less than 25dBc
  • Ch-Ch crosstalk: more than 45dB at 80MHz, 1W
  • Power adjustment range: more than 30dB range via modulation input
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Type acousto-optique Driver  

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Bande passante de réglage (MHz) 20-200MHz  

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