Laser Spectrum Analyser, Wavelength meter

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Bristol Instruments

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The 771 Series Laser Spectrum Analyser operates both as a high-accuracy wavelength meter and a high-resolution spectrum analyser resulting in the most complete spectral characterization of CW and pulsed lasers. Absolute laser wavelength is measured to an accuracy as high as ±0.2 parts per million, and the laser’s spectrum is determined to a resolution as high as 2 GHz. Continuous calibration with a built-in wavelength standard provides the reliable accuracy that is expected from Bristol Instruments.

The model 771 is available in several broad wavelength configurations to satisfy virtually any experimental requirement. These are the VIS (375-1100 nm), NIR (520-1700 nm), IR (1.3-5.0 µm), and MIR (2-12 µm).

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  • Wavelength measurement and spectral analysis with one instrument
  • Operation with CW and high-repetition rate pulsed lasers
  • Absolute wavelength measured to an accuracy as high as ±0.2 ppm
  • Spectral resolution as high as 2 GHz
  • Continuous calibration with a built-in wavelength standard
  • Operation available from 375 nm to 12 µm
  • Straightforward operation with PC using high-speed USB interface
  • Benefits

  • 771 system is ideal for CW lasers, and a special measurement algorithm enables operation with pulsed lasers that have a repetition rate greater than 50 kHz and a pulse length of more than 50 ns
771 Serie 771A 771B
Wavelength range
  • VIS: 375-1100 nm (except for 633nm)
  • NIR: 520-1700 nm (except for 633nm)
  • IR: 1-5µm
  • VIS: 375-1100 nm (except for 633nm)
  • NIR: 520-1700 nm (except for 633nm)
  • IR: 1-5µm
  • MIR: 2-12µm
  • Absolute Accuracy ±0.2 ppm ±0.75ppm (±1 ppm for IR)
    Standard Resolution
  • Standard: 4 GHz (12 GHz for IR)
  • High: 32 GHz ( 96 GHz for IR)
  • Low: 2 GHz ( 6 GHz for IR)
  • Laser Type
  • CW and Quasi CW : Repetition rate >10 MHz
  • Pulsed: Repetition rate >50MHz -Pulse length >50ns
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